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Racing Name:      Hope

Color:                  Black

Weight:               57 pounds

Age:                    1 year

Cats:                   Yes

Dog Safe:             Yes

Kid Safe:              Yes

Location:              Northern Ohio foster home

Hope is a happy young girl.  She is very wiggly and it was hard to get her picture.  She will make a fun family pet!  She is currently in a foster home and looking for her forever home. She has a beautiful face.  Her picture does not do her justice. 

Miss Glendyne (1883, UK)

Misterton (1877, UK, Black & White Male


Racing Name:          Bohemian Vault

Gender:                      Male

Color/Weight:         Black

Age:                            7 years old; DOB:  November 2000

Cats:                           No


Origin:                        Kansas

Location:                    Foster home

Romeo is a very sweet friendly boy.   What a face!!! He is ready for a loving family and a comfy couch!  110C / 92354 … Romeo is a 7 year old neutered male. Romeo truly lives up to his name as he loves people and being petted … no cats for Romeo

Kizzie           Adopted!

Racing Name:           Walkin in the Walk

Gender:                       Female

Color/Weight:          Red Fawn, 64 pounds

Age:                      2 years old; DOB:  11/1/2005

Cats:                             Yes

Dogs:                            Yes

Origin:                  Wisconsin

Location:                    Foster home

This gorgeous girl gets along well with cats and dogs. She has a very loving personality and will make a wonderful companion.  She hopes to find a loving family and a soft comfy couch soon!  Stanís Boy Flyer x My Miss Scarlet.   27 races.


Racing Name:          BL Slim Jim

Gender:                 Male

Color/Weight:     White & Brindle; 70 pounds

Age:                 2 years old; DOB:  2/17/2006

Cats:                       Yes

Dogs:                      Yes

Origin:            Wisconsin

Location:               Foster home

This handsome boy and his brother Uno just arrived from Wisconsin.  He gets along well with cats and dogs. He loves to be with people and will make a wonderful companion.  Jim hopes to find a loving family and a soft comfy couch soon!  Flying Penske x JRís Mojo.   2 races.


Twoie        Adopted!

Racing Name:             H Two O To Go

Gender:                   Female

Color/Weight:       Brindle & White; 60 pounds

Age:                  2 years old; DOB:  11/28/2005

Cats:                        Yes

Dogs:                       Yes

Origin:             Wisconsin

Location:                Foster home

This beautiful girl just arrived from Wisconsin and is looking for a loving forever home and that very soft couch!  Twoie is very sweet and loving girl who gets along well with cats and dogs.  She is doing great in her foster home.  Coldwater Konow x KCís Emma.  32 races. 

Foster Update:  I have not had one accident in the house with her.  She eats very well and loves stuffy toys.  She is a very quiet dog and enjoys being a follower and not a leader.  She doesnít care if she is the last one in or out and doesnít mind if my Ozzie barks in her face to play.


Daisy Duke

Racing Name:             Legs Petaluma

Gender:                   Female

Color/Weight:       Red Fawn

Age:                          9.5 years old; DOB:  5/4/1998

Cats:                         Yes

Dogs:                        Yes

Origin:               Kansas

Location:                 Foster home

This beautiful girl just arrived from Kansas!  She is exceptionally sweet and deserves a loving forever home and a super soft couch!  My Rooster x Sweet Remedy.  13 offspring


Racing Name:       BL Bow Wow

Gender:                Male

Color/Weight:    Brindle; 72 pounds

Age:                3 years old; DOB:  6/25/2005

Cats:                     Yes      

Dogs:                    Yes

Origin:           Wisconsin

Location:             Foster home

This handsome boy has a face you canít resist loving!  He walks well on a leash and is doing great in his foster home.   He is ready for a loving forever home and a retirement couch! 

Foster Update:  Wowser is one of the easiest dogs I have ever Fostered.  No accidents in the house!  He does not counter surf.  He gets along with my grey and my Border Collie.  He loves to socialize with anyone that comes to visit.  There is no evidence of SA and he crates easily.  He will make

someone a wonderful pet! 


Racing Name:  Dallas

Gender:             Female

Color:                Red Fawn

Age:                   3 1//2 years old;  Date of Birth:  2/15/05

Weight:             60 pounds

Cats:                  Yes

Origin:              Kansas

Location:          Foster home

Dallas is a 3.5 year old spayed female. Dallas is shy at first, but after about 10 minutes she will be all over you. Dallas loves to have her ears rubbed and will moan and groan when you rub the right spot.  Dallas recently arrived from Kansas and is in search of a loving forever home and soft retirement couch!


Bed of Stone (1868))