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Cincinnati Greyhound Connection

Cincinnati Greyhound Connection

Connecting Greyhounds With People

             The Finish Line  

 These Sweet Greys Found their Forever Couches!








Blue Daze

Blue Daze

Keeley (fka Fuzz Face Goner)

Keeley (aka Fuzz Face Goner)

Marcos and Hopper


Adopted by Helen and Tim of Fairfield, Ohio.  Living  with another Greyhound – Keeley, formerly from Alabama


Adopted by Susan and Donald of Milford, Ohio

Marcos and Hopper of Alabama, adopted by Art and Syd of Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky

Jetson (fkna Poney) Adopted by Lori and Kenny of Florence, KY (Feb. 2008) 

Keeley shares her home with Marissa.  Adopted by Helen and Tim of Fairfield, OH  (2007)

Madison – Adopted by Coleen of Hamilton, Ohio

Amps – Adopted by Phyllis and Gordon of Florence, KY

Adopted by Lynn and Scott of West Chester, Ohio – Living with one other greys, a collie, two cats, and a hampster.


Odd Maya – Adopted by Barb of Fairfield, OH – Nov. 2007

Silky – Adopted 11/07 by Sally and Tom of Fairfield, OH

Maya – Adopted by Barb of Hamiton, OH Nov. 2007

Diana adopted by Connie and Joe January 2008

Jeanne – Adopted by Jackie and Bennett of Cincinnati, OH

Dizzle – Adopted by Winnie and Ed of Loveland, OH – Feb. 2008

Adopted by Phyllis 2008

Keeley (fka Fuzz Face Goner)

Mane – Adopted by Janet, Jeff & Ashley of Loveland, OH

Wowser – Adopted by Jackie and Jamie of Loveland – 2008