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Stretchin It Out

Queen City Greyhounds: Retired Racer Profile

Gender: Male
D.O.B.: 11/11/2007
Coloring: Brindle
Racing Weight: 72 lbs

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Stretch is a wonderful dog with a heart bigger than most.  He is back with his original foster family that consist of 2 adults & 2 greyhounds.  All the children in the family are 18+ yrs old.  The great nephew, who is 5 mos. old, has not been a problem for him.  Actually, Stretch seems to be very good with him. He does not have a fenced in yard to run in but goes on his daily walks 3-4 x’s a day.  He loves to run at Wiggle Park when the weather permits.   Stretch just wants to be loved, played with, and become a part of a family.  He would probably do best in a house with another dog and someone who is home a lot ALTHOUGH that is not mandatory.  What Stretch MUST have is a home where he is going to be loved and feel like he is a part of the family.  He will pick someone out in the family to be his favorite human.  He is very loving and affectionate.  He has learned to play with toys but MUST have someone to play with him and help him put the toys away when finished…he gets over zealous and well…just ask his fosters!  Since he has gone back to his foster they have noticed that he is afraid of ceiling fans.  They have been working on desensitizing him and have been making wonderful strides. If you would like to met Stretch he is usually meeting and greeting people at the Bridgewater Falls location and sometimes at the one by Jungle Jims.