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Blaze of Justice

Queen City Greyhounds: Retired Racer Profile

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Gender: Male
DOB: 11/17/2006

Though he raced over 170 races since May of 2008, you’d never know it from his laid back personality. We can tell that this boy has been eagerly awaiting retirement. He has shown no interest whatsoever in the cats in his foster home, does great around small dogs and small animals. He is also doing well with wood floors, tile and stairs (half-flights, at least). Every day he waits by the window for us to come home, and greets us at the door with a wagging tail. He is highly motivated by food and praise, but can come off as being a bit shy at first. Blaze loves being a part of a pack, and is thriving around other dogs. We recommend his family have at least one other dog for him to be a “pack” with. Blaze does great on a leash, and as a result, does not require a home with a fenced yard.

Coloring: Red
Racing Weight: 78 lbs.

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