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Desi (CTW Dizzy Feet)

My name is Lulu and I’m a happy girl with a very outgoing and excitable personality…people are my FAVORITE.  I’m kissy, playful, and always waggy!  I try to use my best manners while in the house and never potty where I’m not supposed to…but it sure is fun to boss my foster brother and sister around when we’re playing outside.  I may act like I’m the boss…I may even get on their nerves, heehee…but I’m never mean, I just really like to play!  One of my favorite things is the wrestle with my foster daddy and get all crazy.  My foster home has a little human, too, and I’m always excited when he comes home from school!  I’m not really a fan of being alone all the time, so if you’re interested in adopting me, I hope you can be home with me for a good part of the day!  Maybe you’re a homebody?  Or maybe one of the family members is at home during the day?  That would be my favorite thing!  I will keep you warm, I will give you kisses, and I will love you forever!  Please adopt me!  

P.S.  I think cats and small, furry animals are SUPER fun to chase.  This means I cannot be trusted around such things.  My manners can only hold out for so long ya know.  

If you are interested in visiting Lu-Lu, please call our Foster and Adoption Coordinator, Denise Dell’Alba-Bright, at 513.317.4394 to set up a home visit.