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“Country Boy” has been renamed “Rocco”. He has made a dramatic turnaround in his foster home.

He came to us a shy, underweight dog with low energy. He could barely make it on a walk around the block without tiring. We quickly discover the source of the problem when Rocco had a seizure and the vet diagnosed Rocco with epilepsy and put him on medication. He now takes just 2 pills a day at a cheap cost per month (~25 dollars). It took him a couple of days to get used to the medication but now we have discovered the real Rocco.

He has gained 5 lbs in two weeks and the vet say he is at the ideal weight for his size. His energy is back and has transformed him into a 75 pound, 1½ year old puppy who thinks he is a lap dog. He loves playing with toys and plays well with our older, crabby dog. He loves our cat who will touch his nose and play with his tail. We can now take him on 5K walks without any issues. He has a great personality and will make a wonderful companion for any type of family!

Rocco’s adoption fee is only $125.