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Coming Home

Bringing Your New Greyhound Home

This is an exciting time for both you and your Greyhound.  Please remember, though, to have patience while your Greyhound is adjusting to life in your home.  This can sometimes take up to 5 or 6 months.  You will enjoy the ways your greyhound will change and develop into a wonderful pet, as well as the love you will receive in exchange for your help!

The Preparation to Bring Your Greyhound Home

QCG supplies a one-inch, plain martingale collar, tag, leash, and muzzle.  These are items that you will need to have before bringing your greyhound home:

Locks for your gates- Locks are required on all gates before adoption. The majority of greyhounds are lost from backyards through an open gate left open by a serviceman or child. The second most common way of escaping is out the front door. Clean up your yard. Make sure your yard is free of all sticks or other sharp objects that may cut or injure your Greyhound.   

ID tag for your Greyhound- We suggest that you put on the tag the following: “I am Lost”, then your name, two phone numbers, and address. A QCG ID tag will also be given to you.

Raised Dog Feeder Stand and Bowls- It is more comfortable for a Greyhound to eat from 14 to 16 inches from the floor. You can also make your own feeder stand.

Soft Dog Bed- Greyhounds adore soft beds. You can purchase one beforehand or use a combination of sleeping bags, comforters and dog beds. Make sure you buy a size large enough for a Greyhound.

Baby Gates and Crates- If you plan on crating your Greyhound in the beginning, make sure you have the appropriate size and type of crate. If you plan on babygating, we recommend metal baby gates. Wood ones are very tempting chews! Please ask if you have any questions about crates and gates.  

Groom Mitt- Greyhounds have sensitive skin. We recommend a rubber-nubbed mitt. If you desire, you may purchase a groom mitt on the day of the adoption from us. The cost is $5.00.

Toys- Greyhounds love stuffed toys and will be happy with anything that squeaks, grunts or any combination thereof.

Home With Your New Greyhound

You will be required to sign an adoption agreement on the day of the adoption. The adoption fee is due at this time. Adoption fees help cover the Greyhound’s spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm check, physical exam, transportation, and care while the dog is fostered. You will also receive medical records and additional articles on how to care for your Greyhound.

After the Adoption

You will need to purchase a dog license if it is required in your county.  Also, schedule a wellness visit with your vet so you can purchase Heartguard protection for your Greyhound.

Our Commitment to You and Your Commitment to your New Greyhound

We follow up with calls and visits, as needed, to ensure that your new greyhound’s transition is smooth. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about your Greyhound.

You are making a commitment for the life of the dog. Any dog – at any time, for any reason – is welcomed back by QCG.

Adoption Package:  Ask us about our adoption package for purchase and delivery with your Greyhound.  We provide many necessities for your greyhound – and we save you the trip! Click here for more details