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Give Money – Queen City Greyhounds

Money puts gas in the vans that bring the greyhounds up to Cincinnati. It pays for the veterinary bills and the medications. It puts brochures in the hands of potential adopting families, and promotes the organization in the community to raise awareness. We are grateful for every dollar that is donated, and strive to spend… Continue reading Give Money – Queen City Greyhounds

About QCG – Queen City Greyhounds

Queen City Greyhounds’ mission is to find suitable homes for retired racers, raise funds for the placement of retired greyhounds, and educate the community about greyhounds as pets. Queen City Greyhounds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer corporation based in Cincinnati, OH. As a non-profit, all donations go directly to the support of the dogs and our efforts… Continue reading About QCG – Queen City Greyhounds

Are You Ready? – Queen City Greyhounds

Our mission at Queen City Greyhounds is simple: We want to successfully place as many retired racing greyhounds into loving homes as possible. Part of what has made us such a successful rescue organization, however, is a dedication to making sure that we are, to the best of our ability, ensuring that potential adopters have… Continue reading Are You Ready? – Queen City Greyhounds

Give Time – Queen City Greyhounds

Queen City Greyhounds is comprised entirely of volunteers, and as we expand the activities we do in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, it takes more volunteers willing to staff events, foster dogs, and help place greyhounds into adoptive families. Can you lend a hand? Meet & Greets QCG can often be seen at local businesses around… Continue reading Give Time – Queen City Greyhounds

Foster – Queen City Greyhounds

  We are only able to bring up and adopt as many dogs as we have foster homes. Being a foster is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give to a greyhound, and it’s the backbone of our organization. Foster homes help the dogs make the transition from racer to pet. Foster “parents” provide… Continue reading Foster – Queen City Greyhounds

Media Kit – Queen City Greyhounds

Blood Donor Dogs – Queen City Greyhounds

Queen City Greyhounds has a special partnership with Grady Veterinary Hospital, in Cincinnati, to supply them with three retired racing greyhounds every six months.  Several hounds are blood tested and three – who are universal donors – are selected to become the next ‘QCG Donor Dogs’. During the time they are at Grady’s, the staff… Continue reading Blood Donor Dogs – Queen City Greyhounds

Give Resources – Queen City Greyhounds

For those wanting to donate something tangible to Queen City Greyhounds, we have assembled a “QCG Wish List” of items that would be of great help to our organization. Donating items helps free up money to bring more greyhounds to the Cincinnati metro area , attend more community events, educate more community members about the… Continue reading Give Resources – Queen City Greyhounds

Learn – Queen City Greyhounds

QCG General Information Brochure Why Adopt a Greyhound? Greyhound Nutrition History of the Greyhound I am a Trained Athlete

Wise Style – “Jiminy Cricket” – Queen City Greyhounds

Date Added: May 6, 2015 Name: Wise Style – “Jiminy Cricket” Weight: 74 Coloring: White & Black Other Dogs: Large OK Small Dogs: No Small Children: No Cats: No